Saturday, 31 October 2015

screaming vampire/bat creature

Drawn during an international conference on European Culture - the speakers presented papers about Kafka, Munch, Picasso and others :)

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Email Encryption

It probably doesn't belong on this blog but I need a place to upload it: I drew a little comic on email encryption. Sorry the sizes are all messed up, but if you click on the pages and then again select "show image" it should appear in readable size.

The encryption plugin I mention in the end, the one I use, is called mailvelope but of course there are others, some of which integrate themselves directly into Thunderbird and Seamonkey, Mac OS Mail or Windows with Outlook.
There are even databases to store your magical scissors public keys that people can search after email adresses, such as the MIT's.
I appreciate comments, corrections etc - please use my public key to write me:

Version: Mailvelope v1.3.2


Hidden extra note:

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Before I leave, I want to post my round one's first day's post, finally coloured.
See you at the new tumblr thing, then: THE CHALLENGING BLOG

Monday, 28 September 2015


Kick your computers to another place. We're moving everything. Round three will already take place at our tumblr blog!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Round Three - Inktober?

Hi everybody!

The cold disfigured corpse of Round Two hasn't even grown rigid yet, and I'd like to suggest Round Three. Usually I'd be tactful and keep the mourning period, but I just happened to stumble upon a challenge called Inktober. The idea is to do an ink drawing every day of October.

Check the Inktober website for yourselves.

While the pun certainly is repulsive, I think I'll take the challenge. So, shall we make that round three, then?

Monday, 7 September 2015

Round Two - Game Over

So, I guess this is as much as we'll come to unwrapping the game.
It was a both bit short and dragging, but I enjoyed out game tremendously.
Strange, tho: The sentences didnt change a lot. Maybe the time pressure from the original game was lacking.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Esther's sentence

The 1st sentence that Esther gave to Octavian was:

"After another day of robbery and ruling the criminal underworld of the
forest, the raccoon fell asleep being very pleased with himself."

But it made Octavian draw this.

Looked to the Untaggable like "After having stolen massive amounts of stuff from the other animals, the racoon relaxes with his loot under a tree, but the bear, the rabbit and the hedgehog are angrily coming for him."

Ileana came up with this image

And Anna wrote this: "A hedgehog, a rabbit and a bear are after a racoon, cus he stole their shit."

Friday, 28 August 2015

Ileana's sentence

My sentenc was:

I really hate it when tiny Shakespeare and tiny Samuel Becket get drunk and party hard under my bed - I hope tonight Godot will come and squish them with the frying pan.

Anna's drawing was:

Esther sent to Octavian the following words:

"Don't you just hate it, when Shakespeare, Andy Warhol, and all of their
artist friends dance under your bed, keeping you up all night."

Octavian, however, drew this:

Which Untag described as "A girl is  hiding under her blanket while under her bed, something is writing poetry and something is painting paintings on the floor."

And that was all.

Anna's sentence

My initial sentence was: A blue whale in the forest

Which Esther turned into :

Octavian saw that as " Well, Mr. Whale with his swell hat, went to his business clients, which they were in the forest."

Untaggable imagined this to look a little something like this:

Ileana described this with: "3 English mafia whales are waiting for you at the entrance of the forest. They read in the newspaper about you comming."

Octavian's sentence

Octavian's initial sentence was

”... then, after the dark sun came out, all that I could see is kindness in people's hearts, but for some reason they shifted on a monstrously behaviour ... ”

Untaggable's drawing of this looked like this:

Ileana's sentence for this drawing was:

"You are on a beach, under a black sun. A jerk in boxers is standing right in front of you, shouting and making obscene gestures - but that's alright because.... You have magic glasses! which let you see the lovable side of everyone . Also, they work as a compass."

Anna's drawing for this sentence was:

Untaggable's sentence

My initial sentence was "My heart's become a cricket hotel full of rumours."

Ileana's drawing for this sentence was:

Anna's description was: a hotel for crickets

Esther put that sentence into a black box and left it to starve.

Round Two: Wrapping up the Folding Game

I reckon we're done with the Folding Game. Everybody should have scribbled and written twice. we were only five people, after all.

To finish, I think this is the best way: We all post our initial sentences and then add our contributions to each other's sentences by editing the posts. I granted admin rights to all of you so you can do that. Don't forget adding your tag once you're done.

Monday, 27 July 2015

The Folding Game!

Hello People!
So here is a list of the participants to our little game:

Ileana Surudcan
Anna Benczedi
Cris Ortiz
Lothar Witt
Christoph Witt (Untag) - (he came with the Let's do a Challenge idea!)

You will all get a mail with the contacts, so we can start the game and send the material.
But we don't know each other ( I only know Anna and Christoph) , so maybe we should tell something about ourselves (based on what you write, I'll change the doodles into nice drawings - use the comments or make a post if you want).

I'll start first - I am an adorable freelance artist from Romania, I make comics and illustrations, here's my blog:
-ka ching!  character unlocked.

Monday, 20 July 2015



Second Round.

We've settled for a game which most of you probably will already know. Something a bit more interactive and pretty far away from the original challenge's idea:

Everybody who wants to join puts his or her name on a little list (or something else, we haven't really figured it out yet, for the sake of the explanation lets just go with it for now).
On the first day of the challenge everybody thinks of a little sentence and sends it to the person whose name is next on the list.
Accordingly, everybody will receive a sentence by someone else and is to draw it the next day. This is the challenge bit. You can do it any way you want, do a rubbish little doodle or go all Dürer, as long as its a recognisable interpretation of that sentence. When you're done (in a day), you pass your drawing on to the next person, again, and you'll get a drawing as well. In turn, on the third day, you are to write a sentence describing the drawing you got and pass that one on... n times (n equalling the number of players) until you get the drawing that originated from the sentence you initially wrote yourself.
Then, everybody puts everything on the blog and we'll have a laugh.

Let me dwell on one of the slight differences to last round. This time, the whole challenge is going to be a lot shorter (what with days equalling the numer of players) but it will affect everybody else if you drop out. So, better join only if you're willing to stick to it. You're free to simply pass on quickly scribbled-down stick figures if you dont have much time. If you want to quit anyway, tell the person who preceds you (that is the one who sends you sentences and drawings) about it so that he or she will skip you and pass on sentences/drawings to the person after you.

We'll start next sunday. Until then, well figure out how to do this technology-wise – a facebook group or maybe just fb messages or emails... for now, if you want to join the game, send an email to me or Ileana. Aaight?


Friday, 19 June 2015

Next round

I'm bored.
Let's finally set up round two. So. What should it look like?

Suggestions so far:

1. second round with same topics
2.same topics but different media
3. same tpoics but in reversed order, starting with the congratulations banner and working backwards
4. new topics, suggested again by me or another volunteer, or we take turns
5. make it a 42 weeks challenge ( every topic gets one week, so people can do 7 pics on the same task, or just one with more time)
6. some collaborative or continuous thing (like a story where people take turns to write chapters).
7. online dictionary that provides "word of the day"
8. any of the previous, but a shorter challenge.

 What shall we do?
The Untaggable

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Repost - Day 36

I think I'm messing up the whole blog chronology really badly. Frm now on I'll rather edit old posts.

Doesn't really fit in but anyway.

Did we have "beverage" as a topic?

It'll quench ya!
Nothing's quenchier!
It's the quenchiest!

Warning: prohibited substance in all four nations. Contains mescaline. Can cause hallucianions, loss of balance, permanent brain damage and addiction. Do not consume during pregnancy, before bending or before operating heavy machinery. Keep locked up and out of the reach of children at all time. Do not empty into drains; dispose of substance and container in a safe way. In case of fire and/or explosion do not breathe fumes.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Day 28 Repost- a fight

This week I will finally upload actual scans of my past challenge scribbles, the ones I couldn't take scans of earlier what with being on the road. Might even brush up some of them a bit. I'm not sure how to organize this best without messing up chronology tho...  should I delete the blurry photos? I think I'll just edit the posts by adding scans, and if I re-work something a bit further I will re-post it.

Day 28: A fight. PLus, extensive classic comic/cartoon referencing.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Friday, 3 April 2015

Day 35/42, " Something I Need "

 I need to balance those two in myself !!!

Day 34/42, " Something I miss "

I miss those days when I could come home from school, lay down on couch and read a book. Now because of those deadlines reading became impossible. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Day 43 - what now?

Hello everybody,
GOOD NEWS! I sold the rights to all of the art we uploaded to blogger! Which is owned by google.

April Fool! Just a joke.

But seriously: I guess the task for Day 43 is: What now?

Some of you already mentioned a next round. I'd be up for that. I'd suggest we take a break for 3 weeks, so everybody can catch up, I myself want to scan and polish up the drawings I could only take photos of while I was on the road.... and during that time we can discuss if we want to do a next round, and come up with some ideas. My first ones, just on top of my head:

1. second round with same topics: I guess other people would like to join, and, as the school of hermeneutics teaches us, the second time will be a different experience. Most topics are open enough to go at them from a different angle.

2.same topics but different media – I'd like to write, for example.

3. same tpoics but in reversed order, starting with the congratulations banner and working backwards. I'm suggesting this mostly because I still feel like I want to do the challenge again and this time manage to really beat it.

4. new topics. I have more than enough. Or does someone else want to take over?

5. make it a 42 weeks challenge ( not sure what that means tho. every topic gets one week, so people can do 7 pics on the same task, or just one with more time?)

6. some collaborative or continuous thing (like a story where people take turns to write chapters). This might be fun but it's less flexible.

We can change any parameter. It doesn't have to be 42 days. Or daily.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 40 - something I'd like

To be able to start working on and publish a new graphic album with this character. Her name is Reko, and she hunts Bad Feelings.

Day 32/42, " Something I don't understand "

I don't get this human flow...

Day 31/42, " A Hero "

for me, he is the biggest HERO of 21th century!

Day 42 - a congratulations banner for finishing the 42 Days Challenge. *edit*

It was amost impossible to take a photo of that one.

Also, it's a drawing I'm unsatisfied with so I finally redrew it a week later. For documentary reasons, I left the blurry photo I originally uploaded below.

Investigative journalist: "J'ACCUSE! Stop the ceremony! This man is an imposter unworthy of the Cookies! He failed to meet the Challenge on Day 14 and 31!"
Me: "Dammit."

So. The truth has caught up with me at last. But nevertheless, I want to state again how much I enjoyed the Challenge. The things you posted were brilliant and clever and I realized I was quite exited each day to check the blog and see what you've been up to. Especially the last weeks I've felt quite annoyed for always having to post blurry snapshots - that's just out of necessity for improvisation, no disrespect or anything.
I think I will stick around and re-post proper scans of my cleaned last two weeks, until those of you who want to go on have finished, too. And I would certainly like to discuss a second round. But let's do that in a post of it's own.

Day 40 - anything I'd like *edit*

I've liked drawing dinosaurs since I was a kid and would still give my left arm and my meeting a non-violent death for being a velociraptor trainer (the standart prerequisites for getting that job, as I have learned), but my palaeontology is very shaky and not up to date by now. I never really got over the feather thing, still resent it for entirely aesthetical reasons and will need a lot of time to come to terms with it.

In a way, for documentary reasons, I left the blurry photo I originally uploaded below.

Day 39 - Someone I love *edit*

My dad. He happened to send me a characteristic and weird email that day.

For documentary reasons, I kept the blurry photo I originally uploaded below.

Day 38 - Something I hate *edit*

With an intensity I don't comprehend, I hate Poetry Slam.

For documentary reasons, I kept the blurry photo I originally uploaded below.

Day 37 - a scenery

Some under-the-sea-cliff-thing.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Day 30/42, " Something Orange"

Day 29/42, " Something I've been avoiding to do "

I haven't been there so long that my teachers start calling me, to ask if I am ok.

Day 42 -celebration

Yes, so here are COOKIES FOR EVERY ONE!!!! that is, everyone that has participated in this wonderful challenge (and no one else, just you). I really enjoyed your drawings and doodles and scribbles! Hope to see you soon in another fun project like this.


And I still have three days to draw. Yup, I'll break the rules and hang around a bit.

Day 41 - A place I want to go to

Sorry for that lame one. It's just that I really am fairly tired.

Day Fourty-Two

A congratulations banner for you - you finished the Fourty-Two Days Challenge!
You really succeeded in sticking to it, till the very end. Big up.

At least for me, this really proved to be a challenge. Also, it was an honour meeting it with such astounishing people as you. Thanks.

What a ride.
Illiana insisted on that there should be cookies for those who beat the challenge. So, I guess, you better ask her about it.

Day Fourty One: A place I want to go to


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Day 38 - something I hate

I don't like cockroaches at all, and I hate filling forms and important papers, and applications. I always get things wrong. So, this is, like... the worst thing ever?